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Sound System

2 unitxWKV Professional In-Ear Monitor System
5 unitxArt dPDB Dual Passive DI
1 unitxMidas M32 Digital Mixer
3 unitxMicrophone Stand
5 unitxBook Stand
1 lotxNecessary Cables and Extension

Backline System

1 unitxYamaha Stage Custom Acoustic Drumset c/w Zildjian S390 Cymbal
2 unitxHartke 410B Bass Amp Cabinet
1 unitxHartke 410XL Bass Amp Cabinet c/w TX600 Amp Head
1 unitxMarshall MG100HCFX with MG412 Cabinet
1 lotxNecessary Cables and Extension

Lighting System

20 unitxLED RGBW Par can
1 unitxFog Machine
6 unitxBEAM 230 Moving Head
2 unitxLED Wash Light
1 unitxW&H Lighting Stand
1 unitxAvolite Tiger Touch Lighting Controller
1 lotxNecessary Cables and Extension
1 paxxLighting Programmer

LED Screen

1 unitxPhantom 0.5m(L) x 2m(H) [x2] + 0.5m(L) x 1m(H) [x4] + 1m(L) x 3m(H) [x1] P4 LED Screen
1 unitxNova Star K4 LED Video Processor / Controller
1 unitxLaptop
1 paxxProfessional Cuer

Live Feed System

2 unitxSony HXR-NX100 Full HD Nxcam Camcorder
2 unitxCamcorder Stand
1 lotxNecessary Cables and Extension
1 unitxBlackmagic ATEM Television Studio
1 paxxProfessional Screen Switcher